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  • Tata Capital Limited is a unit of Tata Sons Limited. The company is registered with the Reserve Bank of India and it offers financial services which are fee-based and fund-based. The company is a customer-focused firm that aims to develop and provide banking solutions under the Tata Capital brand.
  • Tata Capital caters to customers from diverse backgrounds like retail, corporates, institutions and individual customers. The Tata group is a world-renowned business house and through its sub-division, Tata Capital, the group wants to bring to the financial sector the same expertise and experience that it has been known for. The tagline of the company is “We do what is right for you”, which depicts the superior level of commitment that the company has towards its customers.
  • The company deals in commercial finance, private equity, investment banking, wealth management, infrastructure finance, consumer loans, travel related services, foreign exchange, and leasing services. Tata Capital has alliances with some of the major financial giants of the world like Mizuho Securities and International Finance Corporation. The company has a wide network of offices across the country to take their financial products and services to as many retail and consumer customers as possible.
  • Tata Capital Personal Loans are a popular set of personal finance schemes that cater to the individual financial needs of a customer. You can avail this finance for any personal reason like home renovation, weddings or festival expenditure.

  • Multi-purpose loan: You can take a personal loan for a variety of purposes, be it for conducting a family wedding, be supporting your child's education, renovate your home or even pay back an existing loan.
  • No collateral: If you are eligible, you can take a personal loan without putting up any of your assets as collateral.
  • Minimal paperwork: A personal loan requires very little paperwork when compared to other types of loans.
  • Easy repayment: Our Personal Loans come with a host of repayment options such as post-dated cheques, ECS, online payments of EMI and so on.
  • Affordable interest rates: Our Personal Loans come with competitive interest rates that are easily affordable.

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Features of Tata Capital Bank Personal Loan!

Tata Capital bank offers loans up to Rs.25lacs for salaried workers.



Interest Rates
Note: Standard Chartered Bank offers competitive interest rates on personal loans.

(per annum)


Loan Amount (max)

Maximum loan amount disbursed on Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan

25 Lakhs

Processing Fee

Time taken to process and disburse the loan amount


4-7  Working Days


Repayment Months

Flexible repayment months depending on the customer's convenience

12 - 60 months

Amount Disbursal to Bank Account

Quick disbursal of amount directly to customer's bank account


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We have greatly simplified your personal loan search in Bangalore and will help you, get it in four simple steps:

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Start your personal loan search by using our simple natural language form, Trust us, it takes only 37 seconds to complete!

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Your information is then passed through our proprietary eligibility algorithms to tell you the different banks and NBFC's in Bangalore. Who can lend to you?

Step 3:

After your choose a particular option that seems best to you, we call you and help you with the complete documentation.

Step 4:

The bank/loanbeku.com in Bnagalore will then collect all your documents and start processing your loan. We will notify you when your documents are approved and when your personal loan is ready to be sanctioned.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • You are at least 21 years old and your maximum age is not more than 58 years.
  • Salaried and self-employed people can get Standard Chartered personal loans
  • Your minimum incomes need to be Rs.22, 000/- per month.
  • Should have valid ID proof like passport, pan card, driving license, Voter ID card and photo ration card.
  • Should have valid address proof like passport, telephone bill, electricity bill, driving license etc.

Documents Required

  • Identity proof
  • Current residence Proof/permanent address proof/ IT returns certified by CA
  • Salary Slips for 3 months / Business continuity for 3 years/existing proof
  • 6 months Bank statements
  • Appointment letter and proof of work experience./proprietorship or partnership documents of the firm
  • Photograph and PAN Card/balance sheets of business

Tata Capital Bank Features

  • With an aim of taking financial products and services to as many customers as possible, Tata Capital offers a wide variety of loan options of which personal loan is a popular product. The company with its years of experience and expertise is a great name to the bank with especially since the reach of the company is quite widespread. There are many features that differentiate Tata Capital personal loans from loans offered by other banks. Here are a few of such significant features that contribute to the success of these personal loans.
  • Fast Loan Disbursal: Tata Capital is fast in disbursing loans so as to ensure that customers are not required to wait for long periods before getting their financial needs met. Be it a wedding or a child’s education or a long-pending vacation, Tata Capital personal loan ensures you meet all your financial requirements without delay.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The rate of interest on Tata Capital Personal loans is quite competitive and starts at a very low percentage.
  • Zero Prepayment Charges: Pre-payment charges are not applicable at all in case the customer wants to pay off the personal loan earlier than the stipulated loan tenure. This means that you can reimburse the loan amount to the bank as soon as you have extra cash and be done with your financial liability.
  • Fast Loan Payment: Tata Capital is fast in paying loans to secure/make sure of that customers are not needed/demanded to wait for long periods before getting there (related to managing money) needs to be met. Be it a wedding or a child's education or a long-pending vacation, Tata Capital personal loan secures/makes sure if you meet all your (related to managing money) needed things without delay.

We at Tata Capital take immense pride in offering you personal loans to cater to your fund requirements without bothering you with too many formalities other than the statutory requirements as prescribed by law.

We grant you personal loans based on your ability to repay. You yourself can assess your ability to pay and decide the quantum of the loan and the period for which you need the loan as well as the EMI you are comfortable with. We have attractive interest rates that are affordable. You need not furnish any collateral or security to cover the loan.

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Tata Capital Bank Personal Loan Benefits & Highlights

Tata Capital Bank Personal Loans will solve your financial quickly and effectively, Here are the other benefits,

No Guarantor Required!Easy ECS repaymentProtected by InsuranceSpecial offers for Standard Chartered Bank Account Hold

We partner with reputed Banks & NBFCs

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