HDFC Bank Personal Loan


A personal loan is one of the most popular products of HDFC Bank.  Their simplified process makes easy for salaried individuals to take HDFC personal loan.

Simplified Documentation

You can avail HDFC personal loan by providing your KYC & Income proof documents.

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Fast Loan Disbursal

HDFC Bank offers fast loan disbursal once the Personal Loan application is verified. Average turn around time of HDFC personal loan disbursal time is 48 hours. If the applicant is working in Super Cat A company and holding the salary account in HDFC Bank would help us get your personal loan amount disbursed directly into your account within 24 hrs.

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Competitive rates

HDFC Bank offers lowest interest rate for the personal loan in India. Currently, HDFC Bank Personal loan interest rate starts from 10.99%.

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Transparent Processing

Processing fees for Personal Loan will be standard as mentioned from HDFC Bank. All offers and charges are transparent to customers.

FAQ's on HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Who is eligible to take personal loan from HDFC Bank?

  • Age between 21 to 60 years
  • Salaried Individual who is working in Private or Public limited company
  • Earning Rs. 20,000 as net salary(take home salary)

How to check HDFC Bank personal loan application status?

You can check the current status of your HDFC Bank Personal Loan Application by visiting below mentioned link. The Applicant has to fill the Applicant name, loan application reference number, date of birth & mobile number to check the status of HDFC Bank personal loan application.

Check here 

How to get HDFC Personal Loan Tracker?

To get your HDFC Bank Personal Loan tracker, you need to call HDFC Bank Customer care number and choose Loan option in the IVR selection. Provide your HDFC Personal Loan Account number to Customer care executive and request them to send your loan tracker. After creating the request in HDFC Bank customer care, you'll receive your Personal Loan tracker to your registered email address. HDFC Personal loan tracker will be sent in PDF format.

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