Apply Bank Of Baroda Saving Account in Bangalore

Bank Of Baroda Saving Account in Bangalore

About Saving Account

A savings account is a deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution where you can store extra cash, earn interest on it and access it whenever required. A savings account is the most basic type of banking instrument used by an individual. It is the safest ways to ensure that you can easily access your hard earned money when you need it. This type of account is operated by all banks that have a retail banking division whether it is a public sector bank or a public bank. To open the savings account, simply visit your local bank with the requisite documents and complete the procedure for account opening. You can also apply online for the savings account and the bank will get in touch with you to process your request. Every bank offers different accounts which differ in its features and benefits, based upon your personal savings account requirements you can choose the befitting option.

You can deposit either cash or cheques into the savings account and earn interest on such deposits, which credited to the account on a quarterly basis. The applicable interest rate offered on a savings account usually ranges from 3% to 6% and varies from bank to bank. You are allowed to make withdrawals either by visiting the bank branch and cashing a cheque/withdrawal slip drawn on the account or at an ATM by using a debit card linked to the account. In most cases, you are required to maintain an average minimum balance for the quarter or the month according to the bank’s rules and regulations.

Documents Required

  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Identity Proof:   Aadhar Card, Voter’s ID Card,  Employer issued ID card, Driver’s license, Passport Ration Card, Electricity bill etc
  • Proof Of Age: Birth Certificate, Secondary school certificate(class 10), Passport
  • Address Proof(like ration card, electricity bill etc)
  • Income Proof

Bank Of Baroda had made the approval processes of Saving Account much simpler and faster by minifying the required documents .

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